This is only a draft (WIP).



  • Old primary key: 0xAD098E6B008A7CB009ED25F11E8B02C29318BA46
  • Smart card key: 0xAF85991CC95049A242051933BCA9943DD1DF4C04
  • New primary key: Not yet public

Certification levels

I usually only use the level 3. This means that I did carefully verify the identity of the owner and their access to the key. The identity of the owner was verified in person by checking their official identity document (which must contain a photo). I also verified the access to the key and email address(es) by encrypting my certification with their key and sending the result by email (in case of multiple UIDs the certification for each UID is sent separately). I currently do this by using caff (CA - Fire and Forget) from the signing-party package.